Working as a brand identity developer has taught me that each business has a unique proposition and identity. They need it in order to stand out from their respective industry and catch the clients’ and consumers’ attention.

I did a freelance project for a family business back in 2011. Spa Solandra is inspired from the Solandra flower which means “cup of gold”. I incorporated it in the logo and did a clean and calming approach.

One Spa meanwhile is the more high end version of their spa franchise. And it had a more Italian feel so I used a Mediterranean earthy color palette for the branding.

My second company is the fashion jewelry brand, Joanique. I assisted my manager and the owner in making the overall social media and marketing creatives, achieve that uniform and minimalist aesthetic.

I worked at an Australian consultancy who also started up an Australian Restaurant called Martin Place Social.

I designed their logo, branding and marketing assets from their menu, to their Instagram posts and even their event banners.