We believe that man deserves to enjoy a qualitative life and discover the beauty and the power within him. During our journey to that direction, we fell onto many difficulties, but we also found ways to overcome them. This knowledge and methods, we share here with you.

In our eshop you will find a great variety of products and especially energy crystals and tools that focus mostly on the “energy side” of our existence, which affects directly our life, since human is so much more than just a physical body.   The energy crystals are made by the well-known Swiss company Fostac and we are the exclusive representatives in Greece.

Learn through the pages of our eShop about our products, their applications and about the ways that can contribute to your wellness and help you transform your everyday life and yourself. And if you need any kind of help or advise, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fostac AG is a Swiss share capital company, based in Bichwil and founded in 1989 by Hans Seelhofer. At first, it started out as a small business, but it has since been in constant development. The company exists to develop, produce and market products that promote health using new methods and the tachyon energy.

 Τhere is even the FOSTAC Academy, which furthers the understanding of the laws of Nature. Its products support personal spiritual …



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gold plated meditation pyramid

The small Meditation Pyramid is extremely helpful in deep meditation, as it activates the third eye (6th chakra), when someone wears it on the head. It can relieve and enhance all energy centers (chakra) and fields of the person. It contributes in rising the vibration and consciousness. When placed in any space, household, working space

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